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Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members. Early in each year the Horror Writers Association announces its Preliminary Bram Stoker Awards Ballot, made up of both members' recommendations and jury selections. A month or so later, we announce the Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot, which lists the official nominees for the awards. Full detail of the members' recommendation and jury selection processses and the ballots are included in the Bram Stoker Awards Rules.

Go to other year's reading lists: Included are articles by people who have worked with and known Jim for many years: Brian Lumley, David A. As such it is only available direct from us. It cannot be ordered from Amazon or anywhere else. Also available in soft cover in two volumes:. On a local beach, he befriends the ostensible Mother of Crabs, an amputee with rigid demeanour and unequivocal warnings.

Soon, purple crustaceans crawl behind his every step and women with pincers threaten to recondition his sensitive heart. Erik Hofstatter is a dark fiction writer and a member of the Horror Writers Association. Born in the wild lands of the Czech Republic, he roamed Europe before subsequently settling on English shores, studying creative writing at the London School of Journalism. He now dwells in Kent, where he can be encountered consuming copious amounts of mead and tyrannizing local peasantry.

Starburst magazine by Jon Towlson. The Crabian Heart is also a coming-of-age tale, one that resonates with the pangs of unrequited love. And as such, it concludes, like all great coming-of-age stories, with a very difficult and painful realisation for the love-struck main character.

Definitely a case of bigger not always being better.

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Hofstatter could have watered this down with more words, but that would have taken the impact out of the stories. I also like how he slips a lot of important messages into his work. Zsofia tells him that life is a gamble and his mother points out that the powers that be make the rules that govern us and we have to go where they tell us to.

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That forward is going to be the icing on the cake! Devil worshippers stalk the ageing boards of Blackpool Pier, a scrap-yard automaton devours the souls of lost children, and a murderous priest hunts an ancient she-demon through the streets of New York. A selection of horror stories to chill the blood, featuring revenant felines, garbage-eating clairvoyants, flesh-eating magpies and a severed head with murder in mind.


From Chatterton Hill c was first published in Estronomicon , October Eric Ian Steele is a novelist and screenwriter from Manchester, England. He won the prestigious Writers on the Storm screenwriting contest in and has had short films produced across the USA. It includes eleven tales:. Charlie - first published in Terror Tales 4 , edityed by John B. Ford and Paul Kane. Moths - first published in Scifantastic.

Quest for the Flesh

Cycle - first published in Terminal Earth. Blake has a distinctive voice, rich in surrealism, and he uses it to considerable effect.

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Mood enhancing language that will curdle the blood, and excellent, original imagery! His debut novel, The Devil's Children , was published in October of Find more of his work at www. He currently resides in Albany, New York. David Williamson has been writing horror stories for many years, and was first published in the prestigious Pan Book of Horror series, where he had a tale in number This was followed by a further three stories in Pan number 30 which, sadly, turned out to be the last of that great series.

It was not until he was contacted by Johnny Mains, a walking encyclopaedia in the field of Pan Horror and its authors, that his passion for writing horror was once more re-kindled, and Johnny introduced him to Charles Black, the editor of The Black Book of Horror.

follow url He lives in West Sussex near the sea. Contents are: Fishhead The Escape of Mr. Trimm The Gallowsmith Mr.

Based on the title theme, these four works are completely different in subject matter and tone. His adversary is the sinister Lucien de Sangreville, plus assorted non-human denizens of the murky lower levels, and his sidekick the sword-wielding business-woman Ariadne Carnadine. It is gruesome and unflinching horror.

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