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Jared Abramowicz, th Comptroller Squadron finance specialist, perform a practice sobriety test while wearing goggles simulating different blood-alcohol content levels during Wingman Day, Dec.

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The th Bomb Wing Safety Office responsibilities including planning, organizing, directing and controlling safety activities as well as analyzing mishap causes and trends. Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Features Display.

Michael DeWandeler, th Bomb Wing ground safety technician. Does this vacation rental have a dining room? Yes No Unsure.

For other uses, prior permission required. He bought two tickets: one for him, one for his instrument, just the same as thousands of flights before. When he showed up [ Paul Dornian said a group of students from Poland returning home from Calgary earlier this month were told their four cellos could not all take their paid seats on the plane.

Air Canada told the students it had a policy of no more than two cellos per plane. He said musicians always tell the [ My cello was strapped into the seat next to me and I was ready to go. Lost in my own thoughts, a flight attendant leaned over and asked me very nicely if I was flying with an oboe. Now, I have flown a great deal with my cello over the years and have conditioned myself to be ready for whatever excuses the flight attendant brings in order to hassle me.

Bello: Medellín’s Northern Neighbor Moves Forward

But I had never ever heard of a cello being confused with an oboe! In complete shock, my only reaction was a nervous laugh. It was right then that I realized that she was actually quite serious and I immediately apologized.

But honestly, where had she thought up [ Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to CelloBello today! Enharmonically Equivalent: Greetings from Kingston!