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Robots are a great tool to help mankind. Robots seem like a modern day invention, but in reality evidence suggests that automations were created for everything from toys to parts for religious ceremonies in ancient Greece and Rome. Leonardo da Vinci sketched plans for a humanoid robot in the late s. Jacques de Vaucanson was famous in the 18th century for his automated human figure that played the flute and for a duck that could flap its wings.

Many automated inventions that could behave in similar fashion to a human have been documented throughout history. Most were created largely for entertainment purposes. Fiction writers found great success in writing about robots in all sorts of situations which meant that the robot was part of daily conversation and imagination. In George Devol and Joseph Engelberger formed the world's first robot company.

By the s robots were introduced into the General Motors automobile plant in New Jersey for moving car parts around.

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Robots continued to develop and can now be found in homes as toys, vacuums, and as programmable pets. Today robots are a part of many aspects of industry, medicine, science, space exploration, construction, food packaging and are even used to perform surgery.

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Watson, a robot with artificial intelligence from IBM, defeated the human players in an episode of Jeopardy. The reason robots are used is that it is often cheaper to use them over humans, easier for robots to do some jobs and sometimes the only possible way to accomplish some tasks! Robots can explore inside gas tanks, inside volcanoes, travel the surface of Mars or other places too dangerous for humans to go where extreme temperatures or contaminated environments exist. Robots can also do the same thing over and over again without getting bored.

Robots never get sick, don't need sleep, don't need food, don't need to take a day off, and best of all they don't ever complain! There are a lot of benefits to using robots. Robots can be made from a variety of materials including metals and plastics. Most robots are composed of 3 main parts:.

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Nano-robots or nanobots are robots scaled down to microscopic size in order to put them into very small spaces to perform a function. Currently nanobots are still in the developmental stage. The first is entertainment done that , the second is grunt work in dangerous places coming up , third is elderly care, and last but not least is telepresence shopping, tourism, and assistance.

Imagine sitting at your computer and controlling a video game character through a mall or market, except it's not a game, it's a robot shopping for you in Tokyo while you sit comfortably in London. With a live video and audio feed so you could haggle, you drive a legged humanoid robot about your size so you get a good sense of what would fit, and afterwards you go for a walk to see what the countryside has to offer.

In a future where the cost and inconvenience of travel will likely rise, why not rent-a-rob for an hour just to make sure that resort is up to standard?

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Or to check in on your mum? Or to help out at a disaster site? Or just get outside in anonymity? Right now all modern technology is designed to bring the world to you; phone, radio, television, internet, but if trends continue, robots will soon bring you to the world, everywhere, and at the speed of thought. A mind and a hand where it's needed while you sit safely at home and run the show. It's a future goal -- something we know we can do if we can urge the market towards it, but it's one I like, and might even be able to do something about. If it works, robots won't just change our lives in the future, they'll expand them.

Not just for fun, but for necessity. We've taken the first steps into welcoming them into our homes, we just have to wait a bit to proctor them into making us more human. It'll be good I think. We want to know what you think Do you agree? Or do you agree with Vivienne Parry that the domestic robot is a dream we must leave behind. Join the debate and post your comments to changehappenz guardianunlimited.

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