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I absorbed all her advice with untiring relish, and just as quickly discarded it to carry out my own whims. After all, what did married people know? Well, Esther listened, and Esther got what she wanted. I decided to take the hint. I also studied another Old Testament book—this time about a woman called Ruth.

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Ruth was one cool cucumber. She set her mind on the business of gleaning the fields. Ruth knew some things about submission that I had yet to learn. She was not ashamed to make her needs known, but she was acutely aware that timing was everything. I suspect she learned the importance of a quiet spirit while watching her mother-in-law deal with her husband and sons in the land of Moab.

What to Do until Love Finds You : Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate

I have to admit I initially spiritualized this story, too. Oh, how marvelous, I sighed.

What a poetic way of portraying being caught up in the Word, and being busy about the work of harvesting souls for Christ! As time passed, however, I learned that these timeless stories contained far more than spiritual lessons. Gradually as I studied, listened to others, and sat at the feet of Jesus, I came to accept that there were certain principles that have to be followed in the course of courtship. This is not because love is a game, but because God has designed a certain role for women and a certain role for men. But I am convinced that the only way to have an effective relationship—the way God has designed it—is for both parties to stick to their roles.

Theater reviewers often take the time to analyze whether or not an actor or actress is suitable for a role, and what effect their portrayal has on the overall feel of the movie or play. Roles are very important and not easily mastered.


When I was involved in theater, there was a popular saying, There are no small parts, only small actors. It requires just as much strength of character to be a woman as it does to be a man—and sometimes more. Each person has a responsibility to operate in his or her role in a manner that glorifies God.

What to Do Until Love Finds You

The answer to finding the right role with the right leading man in the right play is important. We are members of a do society. We are programmed to do in order to attain. But as women of God we are called to be. It makes our lives a lot easier than we might naturally imagine. Okay, picture this scenario: Man strolls nonchalantly into room and positions himself stage left.

Beautiful woman walks in moments later, accompanied by friend. They are in deep conversation. Cut to man across the room. He turns and his eyes lock on this incredible vision of loveliness. All we see are her lips moving, and the look of rapture on the faces of this man and woman. They are suspended in time. It must be God …. Yet the media has trained us to have a lot of false ideas about what we can expect in the course of romance. First of all, people do not fall in love. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

Love never fails! See 1 Corinthians How can anyone fall into all of that? We reach upward; we ascend to God. He, in turn, descends and comes to dwell within us. Now picture a rose. It starts with a seed. It pushes through the soil, and grows upward. A tight little bud appears.

In the fullness of time, with the right nourishment and care, the bud comes into full bloom and opens. Love is like that. It starts as a small seed that presses its way through the soil I like to think of the soil as self to the surface, where it braves the elements.

The elements are things capable of destroying love—misfortunes, misunderstandings, separations, and so on. Something very special begins to happen once our hearts have been put to the test and we have survived the worst of circumstances. We bloom, we blossom, we bring forth fruit. We unfold until love cannot be contained within ourselves! It pushes to the surface; it affects everyone around us. It fills the air with its sweet perfume. Get to the good part.

Sorry, but instant gratification is not the ticket here.

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What is it about us? A man says hello and immediately we start planning our trousseau. The Bible tells us to keep our hearts with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life and death Proverbs But how do you keep your heart when you so desperately want to give it away? We need to understand just how important and valuable our hearts really are. They require special protection—when our heart suffers, our whole being suffers.

The Bible tells us in many ways how the condition of our hearts affects our health and our ability to function. God knows that the root of our heart problems is disappointment: Hope deferred makes the heart sick Proverbs This could work. He asks you out, you say yes. You spend the money you should be using to pay your bills to get your hair done.

Then you find the ultimate dress that will make him gasp and beg for your hand in marriage—even before you can order your appetizers. You compile advice, adjust your shoulder pads, and prepare for the big evening. At last, there is a knock on the door. The world stops. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search.

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