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She also shares daughter Alianna, 5, with husband Jonathan Nassos. In the episode, Pulos tried to get down to business on a car ride with Lewis and Meyerkorth, and remindied Lewis that his windows will be dropped off the following day, only to learn Meyerkorth had already coordinated a delivery. Later, Lewis proposed that Meyerkorth become his permanent full-time assistant and Pulos take on a new position in the company—an idea that made Pulos visibly uncomfortable.

Ultimately, they decided on VIP Client Liaison, a title he unveiled at the mandatory dinner for his staff members at the end of the episode. Throughout the premiere, Pulos still accompanied Lewis and Meyerkorth to all of their construction sites and seemingly acted as his right-hand woman.

When Lewis asked her to come up with awards for the company dinner, she smiled and agreed. However, Jeff does egg on discussions at Tribal Council which often become really interesting. If nobody pushed the survivors' buttons, the show could become very boring. I also like how Jeff interacts in various situations.

He had shown compassion when some survivors have quit Kathy and open disdain for others. And, I'm usually right there with him. On this week's episode I loved how he negotiated for the flint. I felt like Josh and the tribe were too cocky when offering to trade their beans for the flint and how Jeff so accurately stated 'there probably isn't even half of the bag left' , and was glad that they had to give up something of greater value than beans due to losing the flint.

I really do overall enjoy Jeff's role on Survivor with the exception of narrating during challenges. A lot of people compare him to Phil on the Amazing Race. I love both of them, but their interactions with the contestants are vastly different and I believe that Jeff's job is far harder as he interacts with them on an almost daily basis and for far longer than the episodes show. Jeff has become another hurdle that contestants has to contend with. At this stage, if they've seen previous seasons, they know that.

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And they should know how to say very little at TC - unless their goal is less to win that to be memorable enough for a call back - and that's where I think these repeated appearances or I should say the potential of have become detrimental. I am thinking less of Peachy now that I know he had a hand in recruiting Rocker for a specific purpose.

I wonder how the other people who Jeff hoped John would target feel about their being asked to appear on the show? The more I learn about the behind-the-scenes shennanigans, the less I like the producers and hosts. I didn't care for how Jeff treated Abi either, knowing she tore her ACL on the first challenge and had to sit a lot of them out. Without knowing that, the viewing audience saw her as lazy or not a good teammate. Even though she cooked every single meal for her tribe, every day.

Without being asked. The one time she says she didn't want to cook after a food reward challenge they played that up to the hilt. I'm 5' 6" and am an inch or two taller than Abi. There is no way in hell Probst is 5' 10". It was really noticeable when he was standing next to John Rocker at the end of tribal council when snuffing out his torch.

I'd say he's mabye 5' 8". Not that any of this matters to anyone except that I hate it when a man lies about his height. Or other things. The conventional wisdom is that, when insecure, men add 2 inches to their height; and women subtract 10 pounds. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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February 26, Share this post Link to post. February 27, I might be a crackpot. Monty for Survivor Producer! March 28, If only JP would keep his mouth shut during challenges. I know, dream on.

He really has worn on a lot of us, hasn't he? At least he stopped automatically getting the Emmy. March 30, May 19, May 21, Edited May 21, by FineWashables. May 22, June 19, June 22, June 23, And yet, Maverick, we see blindsides in episode after episode. Edited June 24, by Hera.

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June 24, I would count Sarah as a Cagayan blindside as well. June 25, June 26, June 28, Edited June 28, by henripootel. I know!! Jeffy was super friendly. He sent us information on the government eco tourist trips available as no one other than them is allowed to enter the national park.

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