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It's the backup software's job to get things done and if files are temp or whatever, it's their job to know not to back that junk up. Just saying PS: I tried to send message to publicrelations at idrive dot com but they didn't respond. I used Carbonite for years for two computers. I had to pay a separate subscription for each. What a deal! Don't do it. It takes forever for the initial back-up. After the initial upload, I would check to see if it was backing up files immediately.

My Outlook PST was a couple days behind. The last straw was today. I went to my systray to bring up iDrive.

Use the 3-2-1 Backup Plan

No icon. Hmmmm, it must not have loaded. I went to Windows Start and typed in iDrive.

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It is nowhere on my computer! I went to the iDrive website to call support am on Saturday. No luck. Oh, and their user guide is pretty much worthless. Good luck getting any real information on how to use a feature. They must not be using iDrive on a constant basis. I have 12Mbps of upload bandwidth, but task manager never showed iDrive using more than Mbps of that. The sync feature failed to include hundreds of gigabytes of data that should have been uploaded.

The backup feature also failed to reflect the amount of data that should have been uploaded. Throughout both the backup and sync processes, it gave an entirely inaccurate indication of the number of files or the amount of time remaining. This was just a very unimpressive experience and, simply put, I can't trust my data to this company. Glad I'm cancelling within the 15 day grace period.

Recensioni su IDrive

After six weeks of attempting to utilize the service unsuccessfully, I'm totally frustrated and angry about how I been treated. I shudder to think how someone with no IT experience would handle what I've had to endure. The service was recommended to me by a colleague and I'm convinced that the recommendation was cost driven and not quality of service driven. IDrive provided the best option for 5TB of data over a 2 year period plus all the reviews from PC Magazine and others.

Due to the large amount of data the backup took days to complete. Unfortunately or fortunately the need to have my data restored occurred much sooner than expected. After numerous attempts to get IDrive Restore functionality to work, I was unsuccessful at getting it working with support personnel.

The case was finally escalated to what I was told to the development team. Apparently, the development team resides offshore and I was asked to schedule calls between 10 pm and 6am EST. I work normal US hours and the proposed times were unacceptable. On two separate occasions I had insist on the resources be available during US business hours 6pm EST to allow me to complete my commute home after my work day.

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Was this an unreasonable request, I think not. After two more sessions, apparently something was done behind the scenes to get the restore to stop. Prior to that, I was asked logout of the application and then login back to get the "Stop Restore" to work but those instructions didn't work. I was given instructions to restart the restore with a developer observing the session and resource observed the session and stated he had analyzed what was wrong asked me allow the session continue see if it stalled. To my surprise, the Restore didn't stall and I notified IDrive as requested.

By the time I was able to get a resource on a chat, apparently the Restore started again on it's own. Another developer was assigned work with me, I was again asked to do it between 10pm and 6am which I told them it was not an acceptable. In the interim, I needed my data and the events that I'm had already taken close to 4 weeks to get to this point in time.

A Peek Behind My Backup Curtain - Ask Leo!

The developer couldn't explain to me why the Restore restarted and why it was in an apparent loop, his only concern was the restore had completed. Unfortunately, he didn't understand there was still a problem with the Restore and tried to end the call. After stating the result was unacceptable and the fact that I now have go back delete data off NAS just further complicates my efforts.

In addition, I finally received the drive from IDrive it cannot be restored as well. Both resources told me that the Re-Indexing would take a while and I would see a list files and folders to select. In both cases the resources hurried to get off the call. Am asking too much to be provided with the data I originally uploaded to the service? I find this experience shocking and wonder what PC Magazine was reviewing when they publish such a review for IDrive. It fails to back up,keep getting error message,then on top of that thought I would delete the program and try to reinstall but can't connect to their website,have tried multiple times with no luck.

Now don't even know how to cancel because can't get their website to load to contact anyone. What the hell am I supposed to do rediculis waste of money. I tried IDrive for a few days, overall I found it had good features but once the restoring feature was tested it was less than 1 star. IDrive is very quick in backing up but does not record changes of data once it moves or it is deleted, just merely adds the new data which is produced so if it is restored you will end up with data in places and folders that are no more on your current system.

If one thinks of the many movements done over the years, it might prove a complete mess once the data is retrieved. I moved some files three times in different folders and ended up with three sets of the same data in all the three different locations. After years of changes how is anyone going to manage to know where your data actually belongs once restored? And what about the deleted data?

F30 iDrive 6.0 Gremlin

I am actually surprised of the "success" on reviews of this company. I have contacted support as I thought I was doing something wrong but they confirmed that the software is designed to do this. There should be some versioning features where one can restore data at some point in time or at least the software recording the changes made to the files. Also I am unsure what would happen if Ransomware was hitting a system. I have not seen any option of retrieving an older version from an earlier time, but for me the system as it is now is impossible to consider.

A pity, as I quite liked the rest including the certificate features. I have no comments about charging issues and cancellation as I was on a trial. I have been unable to access my files or backup new files. Your files are under maintenance. Try again later. The software is almost unusable.

Since most of my research is now paperless, there is even more of an incentive to create a backup plan and to stick to it! It was my own fault and I accepted full responsibility for just being plain lazy. Each day I kept telling myself that I would turn it back on and go watch television or do something while the program caught up and copied my local data up to the Dropbox servers.

And then the hard drive failed on my desktop computer. Protect your valuable genealogy research data today! This means I make a percentage of sales via these links. Some items may be sold out and have limited inventory. Well let me tell you, this thing is crazy, man I had to hang on then adjusted from there! For our rig, setting three seems optimal when driving on the Highway whereas we find Eco Mode good for driving around offroad crawling through creek beds etc, it saves on the old kangaroo hopping.

And whilst we try our best to avoid congested traffic give us wide open spaces any day! Having used the iDrive for a while now across Aus trip we find that the Auto Setting is great when towing with the trailer. It allows me to get up to speed without a hassle. If you do not have any of the above then this will feel like you do.

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