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The path I chose is not for the faint of heart, it isn't always sweet, but it's real. What happens when all the things you have always wanted suddenly aren't all you want anymore? What do you do when the forbidden screams your name and both parts of your life become as vital as the air you breathe? You make a choice. This is my story. Warning from the authors This book contains sensitive situations and explicit sex scenes. It will cause you to go. It will cause you. But Pauline soon finds herself aroused when watching the action.

Will she stick to the original plan or succumb to her own desires?

Warning: for adults only! Britney arrived at about eight in the evening, dressed in a comically modest attire that betrayed her nervousness: jeans and a plain tank top, with her bag slung over her shoulder as if she wasn't a complete whore. Never mind - the clothes would be taken off soon enough. I offered her a drink and she gratefully accepted. Yeah, she was nervous. I understood, but didn't much sympathize. An erotic short. His fears are justified when she begins using all of her raw sexuality to convince him to have sex with her.

When she discovers his secret, she uses it to lure him into her bed.

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If he gives into his lust, will it lead to the end of his happy home? Graphic sex. Adults only. Watching my husband with her made me so damned angry I thought I would burst…but then again, it also made me a bit, well…hot.

Mouflon Brigade

Warning from the authors This book contains sensitive situations and. Takis Koniotis, in his UN security chief role is preparing another Cyprusbased peace conference while also becoming embroiled in a series of explosions on the island that threaten to reopen old Greek versus Turk separatist wounds, and that have deadly. Thought you knew the whole truth? Well, there is another side to the story. Her side has never completely been revealed.

Until now. After gaining newfound confidence in her role as a teenage sexpot, Lily is finally ready to come out to her best friend, Elizabeth. Instantly smitten, Lily needs to decide which is more likely: whether Liz will catch on to her little crush or if her boyfriend will accept her for who she is. UN undersecretary general for security Takis Koniotis and his estranged archaeologist wife, Caitlyn Spenser Koniotis, struggle to come back together through. Finding a man has never been a problem for Toi but one who respects her career is another story.

When Toi meets Carlton she thinks her prayers have been answered until she discovers his wife.

For years Lisa waited for Carlton to propose. When she discovers he's cheating, she becomes a woman on a mission. Toi will see that when the right woman gets fed up she can truly be Havoc on a Home Wrecker. Salted Away.

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Description When the bodies of two brutally knifed foreigners are found in Northern Cyprus, the authorities are concerned. The murder of foreigners on the island is unusual, and two at almost the same time in mysterious circumstances is even more extraordinary. In the Greek area of Cyprus, resident foreigners are also suddenly dying by the knife.

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Meanwhile, Caitlyn, an American archeologist, is having flashbacks and visions of death and danger, as she is drawn into the center of this bizarre case. As the police scramble to discover what is going on, and why, an unpopular Canadian program to bring the police forces of the two sides of the divided island together for training in new investigation techniques sees the senior investigators from both the Turkish and Greek sides of the Island suddenly in the same room together, giving opportunity for cooperation now as never before.

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With a growing number of foreign residents' lives ending in bloodshed and murder, will Caitlyn's insights be conveyed in time to her new husband. And will they help the chief of investigations of foreigner crime in Greek Cyprus, or help his Turkish Cypriot counterpart? Can the murderer be stopped before Caitlyn herself becomes the next victim? Koniotis Mysteries SeriesEach book in this series stands alone, but they are also all connected in various ways and form the different parts of one story. Book One. Laughter's EchoBook Two. Salted AwayBook Three.

Mouflon BrigadeBook Four. Amathus ArmageddonBook Five. Bogus BillsBook Six.

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