Footprints Into Your Faith: Enlightening, Encouraging & Empowering

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "mentoring-quotes" Showing of Only the fearful would feel empowerment is something best kept to oneself, or the few, and not shared with all. It is a noble honor to inspire and be there for others. It is an irresistible necessity to have empathy; to understand the situations and the reasons for the actions of others. Real mentoring is less of neither the candid smile nor the amicable friendship that exists between the mentor and the mentee and much more of the impacts.

The indelible great footprints the mentor lives on the mind of the mentee in a life changing way. The indelible great footprints the mentor live on the mind of the mentee in a life changing way.

How the mentor changes the mentee from ordinariness to extra-ordinariness; the seed of purposefulness that is planted and nurtured for great fruits; the payer from afar from the mentor to the mentee; and the great inspirations the mentee takes from the mentor to dare unrelentingly to face the storms regardless of how arduous the errand may be with or without the presence of the mentor.

It refreshes the soul and revives the spirit.

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Keep on evolving. Keep on experimenting. Restorer of mighty nation. But help them understand that there are choices that can be made that will make the difference for the rest of their lives. Take a plastic bucket, and hammer in several nails into its bottom. Fill the bucket with water — that will be your self-esteem. Now start removing the nails — the hurtful comments or life experiences that have led you to having such a bad mental picture of yourself.

Once the bucket is completely empty, begin to brainstorm ways to plug the holes — and hence improve your self-esteem. For example, healthy exercise , a strong family, earning more money by starting a new business or working from home, working on your love life , and other activities you find pleasure in. If you are wondering about it, the goal of this exercise is showing you what hurtful life experiences, and negative things others have said to you, can actually do to your self-esteem.

Furthermore, it will show you that the only reason why you question your worth as a person are those experiences and negative comments, which will certainly make you feel much better about yourself. Increasing your self-worth is a matter of what you do to be worthy in your own eyes — and there is no better way of improving self-esteem other than making a contribution.

If you are still in high school or at university, you might offer to help one of your classmates improve his grades, because yours certainly are. If you are good at something, and know someone who would like to be too, give him a helping hand — he will surely appreciate your efforts, and you will feel worthier at the end of the day. Hobbies can help you enrich your creativity, and also improve your self-worth — so why not find one you can pursue independently, with no one to tell you what you are doing wrong? If you are unsure of what hobby to go for, think about what you would like to do.

Perhaps you love holding a digital camera in your hands, and photographing wildlife, or various stances of urban living. Or maybe you like the thrills of treasure hunting with a metal detector?

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Heck, it can be anything really! Anything that makes you feel good and passionate about it. The things that inspire you and fill you with enthusiasm. Just do it! Once you start pursuing your hobby, you will soon be amazed by the many accomplishments you will have, which will make you proud of yourself, and will also improve your self-esteem.

While talking to yourself in the mirror might sound creepy, it can actually be an excellent self-esteem exercise to help you improve your mental image about yourself. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, that is going to be even better, as you will not have to use the one in your bathroom.

Find a moment when nobody else is at home, close the door of your bedroom, and stay in front of the mirror — now begin your positive self-talk session. Give yourself all kinds of compliments, constructive critiques, and share your everyday experiences with yourself. Use positive self-talk every day if possible — it will be similar to keeping a journal, but there is a difference: you will never tell your journal the things you will actually tell to yourself.

Of course there are thousands of examples for this, but here are just a few that you can use as a reference. I decided to tell you about these two activities as well, as they are really effective, extremely beneficial and very practical…. A positive focus group is an extremely valuable activity that can help you improve your self-esteem. Positive focus groups can be organized with your family or friends, as they are certainly people who appreciate your traits and abilities, and therefore will not make any negative comments or remarks about you.

Break the group into pairs, then set a time limit — if there are only three or four people attending the positive focus group, there is no need to break it into pairs. When the time is up, another person becomes the subject of the conversation — and this goes on until every person in the group has been in the positive focus.

They will gladly accept to help. Self-hypnosis can be an excellent technique to improve your self-esteem, and increase self-worth , especially when you practice it daily. Inducing how worthy and valuable you see yourself, will allow you to become a more confident person who can do anything she or he wants.

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To hypnotize yourself, you will first have to find a quiet spot where nobody will bother you — for example, your own bedroom, your backyard, or even the local park. Sit comfortably, or lie down, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath, on how the air is filling up your lungs, and then leaving your body. Go deeper and deeper and imagine going down with an elevator.

Ever floor you go down, you sink deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. Go 20 floors like this and when you touch the bottom become completely relaxed. Count to ten, and on every count breathe very deeply. Then start visualizing yourself as a confident person who can achieve any goal, a person who is confident , who can stand up in front of others, who is not afraid to share his opinions even when they are entirely different than others, and who has an infinite value as a person.

BONUS – The High vs Low Self Esteem Profiles

Imagine how your supervisor congratulates you for a project you have completed all by yourself, or how a person you admire praises your traits and abilities. I am a worthy person, and nobody can ever change that. I will never let anyone change that. I will never doubt my abilities or worth, and I will always love myself, no matter what mistakes I do. The more empowering your words , the more efficient your self-hypnosis session is going to be.

Enter the elevator one more time and go to the 20 th floor. With every floor, feel new, fresh and powerful energy entering, and flowing through your organs. Feel the power and enthusiasm rushing throughout your entire body. Open your eyes, put a big smile on your face, wait a few minutes to get out of the trance, and do something nice for yourself. With these exercises you hold the key to overcoming low self-esteem and becoming a more confident , worthy and successful person…BUT…you have the key only!

You are the one who needs to open the door of endless possibilities, happy and fulfilled life , the door behind which there is health and love in abundance. So step into action!

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Do these exercises and soon the sky will clear , the sun will shine and fill you with energy, the birds will sing you a wonderful song and the world will say, bravo, congratulations! Hi, I think there is a small grammatical error in this page.

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The sentence should be: Whatever its needs, step into action, and do it! Thanks a lot for pointing it out Adnan! Love this website. Information is easy to read and follow. Working with myself and 16yr old son on our low self esteem. I am more determined now than ever and you gave us some valuable tools! Thank you!!! Thank you very much Sandra! I truly hope that the articles will help you but I would also want to give you something special.. I can feel your positive energy and caring through your words. So glad I found your website.