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Instead of removing your dreams, remove the doubts and fears keeping you from them. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. Aubin de Teran. Then I ask myself the same question. It is designed to make its own people comfortable. The biggest addiction a person can have is discovering the unknown. In that role, Mr. Miller held a variety of executive positions with Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises for more than a decade.

Miller also led Celebrity Expeditions, a collection of outstanding and unique tours around the World. Bonner has over a decade of experience working in the cruise industry in a variety of roles for both Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Most recently, Mr. Bonner was the Chief Operating Officer for The Scholar Ship, a Royal Caribbean program aimed at providing college students onboard educational programs in conjunction with enriching shore excursions around the world.

Bonner also helped co-manage Viking River Cruises U. Operations, and he ran the corporate, strategic, and deployment planning functions at Royal Caribbean. While at Royal Caribbean, Mr. Bonner was responsible for forming Royal Celebrity Tours, Royal Caribbean's land-based tour operation in Alaska, which takes cruise passengers on multiple day tours through the interior of Alaska either before or after their cruises. Prior to working at Royal Caribbean, Mr. We are fully committed to meeting our customers' expectations and believe that given the quality of our excursions, the people delivering them, and our overall focus on exceptional experiences, we will accomplish that goal.

To the extent you are in any way dissatisfied with the experience we deliver, we will work hard to resolve your concerns, up to and including a full refund of your tour price. Please see more information on the guarantee we offer by clicking on this link. Our Guarantee.

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Get Your E-Ticket 1. Arabian Gulf Shore Excursions. Asia Shore Excursions. Bahamas Shore Excursions. Bermuda Shore Excursions. Besides, the light atmosphere typical of some city and resembling a theatrical scene is completely visible through large windows of a modern tour bus and often becomes a real highlight of night city tours. Finally, there is one more significant aspect of thinking over the objects seen and perceived throughout a guided tour, i. An art-related excursion is always the result and the portrait of a guide, and it often addresses some burning issues.

Today, these peculiarities are particularly evident since the type of modern guided tours is also changing.

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Modern guided tours try going beyond the usual organizational work and the synoptic presentation of trite information. They use various options for structuring the material, analyse numerous objects belonging to the cultural heritage and realize humanistic ideas. Each museum communicates the ideas received by the artist of any given painting or other artworks through their beliefs, personal experience and social background.

The environment influences most experiences. According to the innovative understanding of environmental structures, they comprise not only environmental conditions of habitat areas but rather functional aspects of the chosen environment. The understanding of the environment in the course of a guided tour can be expressed through the description of social and economic conditions which accompanied the creation and presentation of the chosen artwork. We can conclude that the past of objects in their harmonious development is the key to ensuring the future of a sustainable human lifespan.

It is necessary to adopt the basic idea that the object cannot be perceived without its environment. Since a guided tour involves personal influence e. The constant conduct of such activities will create a sustainable development discourse for the formation of an eco-oriented personal paradigm.

The art review can stress out the fact that the observation of integrated places in nature reserves and cities separately from the environment cannot focus on the presentation of viewed elements, but their true nature can be truly revealed with the help of the comprehensive presentation approach synergetic paradigm.

In fact, it allows building new tourist routes, offering alternative programmes and increasing the attractiveness of fixed-route tours, as well as their economic viability and the overall profit that will provide opportunities for further development of the analysed area. The excursion study of art in its development made attempts to elaborate expressive capacities which, to some extent, are analogical and used in the historical excursion programmes.

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However, live practice of the contemporary art is constantly delivering new unconventional genres and techniques in creation of artistic images, newly synthesizing and interpreting the traits of already established fine and expressive forms habitual for a viewer. The talk about works of pictorial art, sculpture and architecture is often theoretically limited by their narrative side, which decreases the professional content-related analysis.

There is a growing contradiction between the need of the guide to acquire a new content, to give it a new form, and the ability of the excursionists to understand it. The imperfection of the culture of aesthetic perception and incomprehension of specifics of new directions in art lead to the loss of criteria to all the fine artworks regardless of their kind, genre and style, while the uniform standard measures are applied to them.

It defines the main goal of the present paper, which is concluded in understanding of the core of problems, which the modern excursion practice faces. The tasks consist in revelation of possible methods of actualization of scientific information in art excursions; they are considered at all the preparatory stages of the excursion from the definition of the excursion theme to its implementation.

It denotes the acquaintance and study of the objects applied to the actual documentary material. Thus, the analytical and exploratory functions of the excursion activities grow. The scientific worldview is in fact the view of the world where the world is interpreted in a certain way.

Tight connection exists between the contemporary art and the science, and surprisingly it is exactly the art innovators among which we most often reveal the correspondence of their art tendencies to the scientific commitments of the modernity. Today, we need such form of scientific knowledge transfer which may make the scientific truth available, explicable and clear without deforming it.

And here the guides may come to help, who acquire a special power of imagination and are able to include the scientific model and the scientific notion into the range of the imaginative associations and into the symbolical fabric of an art object. In the excursion work, the cognitive theory may be considered not only from the perspective of acquisition by the excursionists of the pieces of art included into the excursion but also from the perspective of the cognitive forms themselves, used by the guide regardless of the conception content of the pieces of art; such consideration suggests a certain procedure between the categories as a certain standard.

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The cognitive ability of the listeners depends on the professionalism and the narrative skills of the guide. First, imaginative impression from excursion is formed at a certain level of information. Its deficiency does not give the entire image of the object, while the overload may destroy the image. It seems that the audience success is the indicator of accuracy of this combination, organically connected with the personality of the guide. Besides, the motion of thought is the ability to get a view of the dynamics of the programme material in historical perspective and in time.

The amazing combination of seemingly incompatible traits contains not less aesthetic advantages than any piece of art, sculpture or architecture. Then, the contact between the guide and the excursionists is based on the feeling of their community where moral and spiritual affinity is expressed.

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The methods of actualization of the scientific material may begin with the preparation of the excursion. It is known that general excursion methods consist of two parts—the methods of excursion preparation and the methods of its conduction. The preparation to excursion may also be considered in two directions: development of new theme for the excursion and preparation of the guide for a new theme. The preparation of excursion is implemented gradually by the stages. It begins from the choice of the theme and the aim of the excursion. Correct statement of the aims and tasks is very important, because everything which will be shown and said in the course of the excursion is subordinated to them.

Having formulated the aims and tasks, the guide should be very well aware that the principle of the material selection and its conceptual organization are a challenge. Then, there is the selection of the object for the excursion. They are selected according to their cognitive value, significance and location. The preferable focus only on the popularity of the piece of art may make the excursion material lighter and more entertaining.

The number of the selected objects is also a significant criterion if it is small, the excursion will be deficient, while if it is too big, then it will turn into amateurism. Any excursion programme should not be a static set of showpieces and objects; it should be characterized by variability of the composition, i.

Any group of excursions has its own classification of the objects. So, in the sightseeing excursions, it is accepted to distinguish the architectural monuments and ensembles, modern buildings, etc. In the excursions of the gardens, parks and country estates, the viewers will see pavilions, statues, grottos and pieces of water. The museum excursion will be devoted to the acquaintance and analysis of the pieces of art. After the selection of the excursion objects, they are attentively studied, which include live inspection and the literature searches.