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As his trance state diminished into consciousness again, he found himself wondering: 'In chess, players alone do not die. The pieces are all killed, the King as well as the Queen The King is never killed, only imprisoned, deprived of movement.

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And does checkmate mean death? Felix Mandelbaum was the chess opponent of Nathan Lewis and Corinth. But tonight the younger man was too distracted. He made schemes that would have delighted Capablanca, but Mandelbaum saw through them and slashed barbarically past his defenses. Chess is a theme of the story. Oh, very handy in such things as chess, checkers, Castorian Rummy, and possible Tzitsa if they were only clever enough to play it. It had one reference to chess. Now if there had only been one good chess player-.

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Fyfe wrote "Luna Escapade," published in Orbit magazine vol 1 2. Campiglia won too many chess games at one mover per watch, and the deck of cards wore out. Henderson wrote "Not in the Books," published in Universe magazine 3. The theme of the story is around a game of chess.

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During long space flights early in his patrol career, Chet had played numerous games of chess and was considered somewhat an expert by those who knew him. The first few moves by both and he and the machine were with pawns only. Then, with lightening speed, the machine moved to the attack and Chet found himself without one of his knights. Borj beamed with satisfaction and the Earthman realized, with dismay, that the machine had initiative as well as the ability to counter his moves.

Only Latham and I went. The others returned to the library, where an unfinished chess game waited on the large desk. Except for a pair of chess enthusiasts, the PX attendant, and myself the place was unjustifiably neglected. A crate was labelled "Chessmen, ivory with gold inlay, Florentine, 14th century. The article featured the founder of cybernetics, Dr.

Norbert Weiner It mentions that he plays only mediocre chess. The theme is the famous immortal game between Anderssen and Kieseritsky. A dead man had been found. I saw great Morro standing at me feet, and old Steeger looking even older after his remote-control chess-game with the gorgon. It references chess and a character named Sczhau that plays chess. George says, "I understand you have a game called chess.

We can't play games, of course. You know why we can't. But I'd be very interested in discussing with you the technique and philosophy of chess. He did not answer at once. Then he said with apparent irrelevancy, 'Do you play chess? Come, we shall have a try at a game in my quarters. In the meantime — may I hope that you will continue your interest - in chess — as a not too distant date?

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The Captain opened a desk drawer and took from it a chessboard, pawns and counters in position. Pieces on a vast chess board through which he move, arms folded, face calm. A very effective set of moves — a chess-game played by a master. I congratulate you. Crow," published in Planet Stories vol 6 6. He gathered up his set of fourth dimensional chess, stuffed it in his pocket, and walked off between the rows of ecarda trees, toward the human quarter.

Martians have animals called rooks. Afterwards he found the chess board, went forward to the table in front of the viewpoint, and played eight games, was trounced eight times by his ingenious electronic opponent, and finally flung the board across the compartment in a sudden, inexplicable fit of anger. He read about Flying Saucers, about space travel, about the possibility of life on other planets. Eldridge I couldn't remember his chess games or who he played with.

Winthrop and the Station Chief came often to the dining hall. McBride to play chess with the doctor and to ask after the wounded, and the Radioman to ask after the wounded and talk to Robinson. It began to hum like someone monotonously trying out a tune while brooding over a chess problem. Duncan could never remember such complete fatigue at the end of a working day. He ate, worked, played chess and slept 10 hours a day. It was re-published in Galaxy magazine in April Chess is the main theme of the story involving a murder after a chess game. Capablanca is mentioned.

An illustration shows two men playing chess and a woman looking on. For, if he believed, he might persuade others to believe. Think of all the gentle chess players! How would they feel, knowing they were slaughtering living people every time they removed a Pawn or a Knight or a Queen?

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Banning chess? I do like to go down fighting, but you've got me.

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Czerny, taking the thin-bladed dagger from the sheath in his belt. Czerny, unbuttoning the top of her jacket. The last thing Joseph Burnham saw clearly was the green necklace on her throat, and he did not go down fighting after all. Stucke wrote "Caravan," published in Universe 8. It's our national game. We introduced it to some of your Brahmin ancestors. Kornbluth wrote "Gomez," published in New Worlds magazine vol 11 A great chess player can put on a blindfold and play a hundred opponents in a hundred games simultaneously, remembering all the positions of his pieces and theirs and keeping a hundred strategies clear in his mind.

Well, that stunt simply isn't in the same league with what Julio's doing up there. You play along and suddenly you opponent makes a move that reveals a whole gambit which you hadn't been able to see before. But one Alien friend spots the gambit on the basis of the first move instead of the tenth.

We make a move and he has it pinned. Of course. But by this time, Jeanette should be showing her age. Just a little. Maybe life-expectancy for women was increasing that fast. That kind of ratio accumulation could fool you. Like that one about moving a penny from one square of a chess board to the next, doubling it each time. After a few squares it became a fantastic figure. Chess betting is brought up in a court room. The bet had been made publically; the game had been played publically. The accused man had won.

Jack Casey had made his inevitable gambit, and.

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  5. Also inevitably, I'd accepted. Now he had his king's pawn in his hand. It was re-published in the March, issued of Saturn, the magazine of science fiction vol 1 1. Unfortunately, there was no time limit on the moves. It was more than three days since the new piece — this time, the symbol was a black cross — had moved out of nowhere and begun its leisurely drift towards the red query. Smith wrote "Highways in Hiding," published in Imagination magazine vol 6, 5. Telepaths play chess. I've never understood how they made a contest out of telepathic chess, even though I've been told.