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She didn't know how she could warn her. The hybrid was sitting right next to her but she didn't even see him. Oh, and I am sure she would be happy to pay for my tool service, right? I am running out of money as we speak. Hayley was not listening. She just kept right on talking, making Sophie nearly faint. A's fault? She just gave me some directions she got from who knows who.

I got myself into this mess. I came here, following the advice of the obnoxious and notorious Original Hybrid I slept with, to get points when it comes to my family. I have grown tired of spending my life alone, having no one to turn to for help, no family member to speak to. I am going to find them and I am going to make them pay for leaving me like this.

I am so glad that I left that crappy town in Mystic Falls. So many drama filled people, it scared the hell out of me and I find and sleep with the one supernatural being on this Earth whom everyone fears but as it turns out, he's not pure evil. He's just a scared, little boy with daddy issues. How crazy is that? A throaty chuckle could have been heard right next to her and Hayley couldn't move. She knew that chuckle.

She knew him. He was here. He was right next to her and she had been so busy talking about her problems that she didn't even see him. Sophie tapped her fingers on the counter as Klaus smiled, looking from Sophie to Hayley. Hayley still didn't have the courage to turn her head and look at him.

Klaus didn't think he would be this excited to see her. There she was, right next to him and he could almost remember the way he felt her and tasted her that night. It was beyond euphoric, beyond tasting blood after a long time of starvation. He wasn't satisfied and wanted her to stay much longer but she didn't.

He wanted her to stay, but she left and he had too much pride he couldn't swallow to beg for her to stay. Klaus moved his chair closer to hers and he could feel her heart beating faster and faster by the second. Sophie was not saying anything. She was just washing some glasses and looking at them from time to time. He seems to have led you in the right direction to find your family. What is he like?

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Is he dashing? Impeccable tastes? I hear you have some trouble. Maybe I can be of assistance. What are you even doing here anyway? This used to be my town once. Sophie shook her head and intervened. You two slept together? Klaus looked at Sophie with a grin before shooting Hayley a wink. Hayley only blushed and moved to leave. This wasn't what she expected. She and Klaus had a no strings attached one-night stand. It wasn't anything more than that.

It was the liquor seeping in their veins and they lost control for one moment and it just happened. She had to admit that she had been attracted to Klaus since the moment she saw him but sleeping with him was the last thing on her mind. He wanted information on Katherine and she wanted information on her parents. It was a win-win situation. After she slept with him, she didn't feel guilty, not at all. She didn't feel embarrassed and didn't regret anything. She was just hoping that she wouldn't have to see him again after that blissful night, yet there he was at Rousseau's.

Hayley was walking on Bourbon Street. She was tired and felt dirty in the clothes she's been since forever. A week in New Orleans and she hadn't gotten anything about her parents. She has done everything possible. She knew the answers she was looking for were here somewhere and Klaus had sent her in the right direction, but the problem was that she didn't know where to look. She just continued walking and checking things on her phone to see about her broke down car.

She had paid a fortune for that car. She could never get the money to buy something like that ever again. He was in front of her in a flash and Hayley nearly dropped her phone. It's a good thing that she has good reflexes. She didn't think that she would have money to buy a new phone either. Hayley scoffed. Come walk with me, love. I have my own problems to sort out. That's why I am here and I wasn't expecting to see you here, especially not now.

What happened?

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The blonde didn't give you a shot just like I told you she wouldn't? She thought that he would snap her neck right there but he didn't. He just smiled. Hayley was shocked. She didn't know what to do. She just stood there as Klaus waited for her.

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He opened the door to the bar and motioned for her to enter. Hayley wanted to refuse but the look in Klaus' eyes made her think otherwise. Slowly, but surely she put her phone back in her pocket and entered the bar with him. Sophie was still there and rolled her eyes once she saw the two entering again. Klaus just grinned and nodded his head. She sighed and grabbed her forehead in disappointment. I'm sorry. You must feed. It's not like I am offering to buy you a new car, which you could surely need.

It's just nourishment. Eat up. Against her better judgment, she took a spoonful and remembered their night.

See a Problem?

This was the exact technique he used on her when he tried to get information out of Katherine and out of the corner of her eye, she could see him watching her eat. She had enough. She put the spoon down and eyed him suspiciously. She didn't like the affect he had on her and the thought of him using this to his advantage angered her. She didn't want to have to deal with him again but their one-night stand made it impossible. He didn't seem as uncomfortable as she was during their interactions, though and that scared her.

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Klaus just chuckled and drank some more of his gin. I want a specific answer too. What are you doing here and why do you want to see this Marcel person? Between who?