Blessings in the Storm

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Is not thy mercy still the same. To cheer my drooping heart 6 My God! I look for all to thee; Thou hast been a rock to me: Still thy wonted aid afford; Still be near, my shield, my sword I my soul commit to thee, Lord!

Hidden Blessings In The Storms Of Life

Bending'neath a weight of woes. Harassed by a thousand foes, Itope still chides my rising fears; Joys still mingle with my tears. Pardon and Obedience. With deep repentance weli agree! And join to prove his faith sincere. Confession and Pardon. Vhat a,gonies of inward smart!

Foigivenless of ns. With fear before him stand: Ie spake-and nature took its birth, And rests on his comniand. Ilis watchfill eye secutres the just. Among tell thousand dead. Ilkotks of Creatio2 aend Proridence. Atid by the spirit of his lolth Were a1 the starry armies made. Vain are their thouhts. God's Care ofhis Sai;ts. I will b less thee all my days; Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongae; My soul shall,lory in thy grace, While saints rejoice to liet the song 2 Come.

I souzht th' eternal God, and 1 e Ilas not exposed my hope to shaxne. Taste of his grace and trust his word.

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IReligious Edutcationi. Ye humble souls, who love to pray I Come, help my lips to praise. Nor was his suit denied. His eye rewards the just; How richly blest their portion is, Who make the Lord their trust! Praise for Mercies received. Trusting and Praising God. My all to thy covenant-care, I, sleeping and waking, resign: If thliou art my shield a In my sun, The night is no darkness to me And fast as my moments roll on, They bring me but nearer to thee. Bright seraphs, dispatched from the throne Repair to their stations assigned; And ange s elect are sent down, To guard the redeemed of mankind.

The Blessings of My Storms

Their faithful Creator, and mine 8s, 7s, and 4s. Christ exalted over his Foes. Qilits the grave the throne to claim; Object of his endless favor, God o'er all exalts his name; Those who hate him Clothed with everlasting shame. Thy goodness in full glory shines; Thv truth shall break th:ough every cloud That veils or darkens thy designs.

Till his dark crimes, at once reveals, EFxpose his hateful name. God,0 the Guardian of the Ptot,. Tliough they slholll fall, they rise agair; Tiy hand supp orts them still.

How to Have Peace and Rock Solid Faith in the Storm – Counting My Blessings

TIlE haugfhty sin ner I have seen, Not learirig aln, nor God; l,ike a tall bay-tiee, fair and green,. A,nd, lo! W'here all that pride had been. Biut mark the man of righteousniess, Ils se erial steps attenld; True pleasure runns through all nis way. Nor let a father's cl.

I caIn not bear N,,r e'er the guilt atone. B,-]reity of hi,,naan Life.

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And anity and man are one. I Oh' spare me. T,he Ianity o,J 3Ian.

Hidden Blessings in the Storms of Life

I iwould survey ife's narrow spmo, Aud learn how frail I am. They rage and strive, desire and love, But all the noise is vain. From creatures, earth, and dust They make our expectations vain, And disappoint our trust. My fond desires recall; I give my mniortal interest up, And make my God my ail. Sick- bed Devotioan. But I am dumb before thy throne, Nor dare dispute thy will. They come at thy command; I'll not attempt a murni'ring word. Against thy chastening hand. The Brevity of Life. Deltreratice fro m deep Dist,.

Thy miercies, Lord! We have not words, nor hours enough, Their ilumbers to repeat.

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Count Your Blessings in the Storm

He preached the way of rightfousnes Where great assemblies stood. M; God's infinite Love. HIow wondrous are thy ways! I,et earth beneath, and heaven:bove, Combine to sing thy praise. I come," the Saviour sail; Oh! Bltesedr-ss of the MercifuL 3 Il,EST is the mail, whose heart doth move, Anld nielt with pity to the poor; Whose soul, by sympathising love, Feels what his follow saints endure. But I will call thy name to mind; And times of past distress record, When I have found that God was kind, 2 Yet will the Lord command his love, When I address his throne by day; Nor in the ilight his grace remove; The night shall hear me sing and pray.

Why doth thy love so long forget The soul that groans beneath thy stroke, 4 1'11 chide my heart that sinks so low: Why should my soul indulge her griefs Hope in the Lord and praise him too; lie is my rest, my sure relief.

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  8. Desertion and Hope. So long an absence from thy face My heart endures with pain. VVhy do my thoughts indulge despair, Anl sin against my God? Tistig after God. I AS pants the hart for cooling stream. WVhen heated in the chase, So longs my soul O God!