A Guide to Twitter for Dance-Fitness Instructors

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Back to Top. Twitter moments were originally used by Twitter to share curated content categorized into five areas — today, news, sport, entertainment, and fun. Twitter aimed to share the most engaging conversations on Twitter. The purpose was to make news events easier to find and follow. Twitter moments are my main daily news source because moments are the fastest way of finding out the latest news as it is happening. You check the latest trending moments by clicking on Moments in the navigation bar via the web or by tapping on Search in the Twitter app on your phone.

Previously, if you wanted a shortened link when writing a tweet on the Twitter. Twitter has now introduced automatic link shortening which means you no longer need to use a third-party service to shorten your links. All links posted into the compose box on Twitter. Putting a hashtag symbol in front of a relevant keyword or phrase helps to categorize the tweet and make it easier for people to find.

There are now nearly students and classes taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge. They represent 25 countries on 6 continents! It's not too late to join us! Hashtags are also commonly used at conferences to share thoughts on presentations, organize meetups, and coordinate after-parties. So to get the most out of hashtags, you should usually use ones that others are using. Note that hashtags are not created by Twitter, but by Twitter users. Often if there is an event going on, the organizers will publish the official hashtag on the conference materials and social media.

Are you following the official hashtag for ISTE18? Watch for behind the scenes content, tag your posts to share YOUR learning journey and find new connections! Find the original image here. Learning how to use hashtags well, and who you follow, are key skills for getting the most out of Twitter. You can type a hashtagged keyword in the search bar on Twitter to discover tweets and accounts based on your interests. The hashtag is the glue that brings the chat together. Otherwise, people would be tweeting out responses that might not be seen by any of the participants.

The best way to participate in a Twitter chat is to set up a search for the hashtag in TweetDeck , Hootsuite , or in the Twitter app on your mobile device. Some people also use tchat. There are Twitter chats for other niches like marketing, fitness, writing, parenting etc. Twitter chats normally have a moderator or several who guide the conversation during the chat using a Question and Answer format. Prior to the Twitter chat, the moderators decide on the topic of the chat and organize a series of questions to ask during the chat.

The chat normally starts by introducing the topic and asking participants to introduce themselves.

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You can just watch the first few minutes if you just want to learn how to get set up for a chat. This one is very busy and fast paced. Learn more here. Held Saturdays at 8 AM. Takes place Thursdays at 7 PM. A chat for those working with younger children. The chat focuses on innovative teaching ideas. The hashtag becomes a community!

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Stop by, invite a friend, and show how resourceful you are! It saves you time and lets you quickly connect with those you most want to interact with. Twitter clients and the Twitter. Twitter lists can be public or private. A public Twitter list can be viewed by anyone and other Twitter users can quickly follow your list or choose people from your list to follow.

Public list also highlight who other Twitter users recommend as worth following. Watch this two-minute video to learn how to create Twitter Lists. There is a range of tools that can be used to schedule your tweets to be posted at specific times and date.

Schedule tweets with caution. TweetDeck makes it really easy! Click on the Schedule Tweet button after composing your tweet. You can customize your profile by selecting unique profile and header images, adding a name, bio, location, website, and theme color. For bloggers, this is often a tweet about a recent or popular blog post. Some people pin a tweet that particularly resonates with them or demonstrates their teaching philosophy.

Click on the dropdown arrow on the tweet you want to pin and select Pin to your profile page. There are Twitter worms that work by hacking user accounts by stealing their account credentials when the user clicks on a link. Paper-li can be set up to send an automatic tweet of your daily newspaper and identify the source of your top stories of the day based on RTs, Favorites etc.

A similar popular tool if you want a daily email digest of the most popular tweets in your network is Nuzzel. Flipboard is popular for anyone using a mobile device because it allows you to easily read, share, bookmark, and retweet links from within the Flipboard app. Learn more about using Flipboard here. This 5-minute video goes through how I use Flipboard to keep up with links shared on Twitter. Effective teaching and learning does not occur in a vacuum. To be the best teacher you can be, you need a diverse and innovative network.

With Twitter, the barriers of distance and access are broken down and the world is at your fingertips! You made it this far?

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That was one long resource. You deserve a badge! Want to learn more about becoming a connected educator, building a PLN, or blogging? Check out our range of free, self-paced courses for teachers and students. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This is the most comprehensive twitter guide I found! For science teachers looking for some specific twitter info, I created a guide that also links to this guide!

Can you help? I want to send the same tweet, simultaneously, to members on various of my lists. None contains more than 36 names. How do I do it?


Feed Your Feed!: 10 Fitness-Related Twitter Accounts to Follow - Paste

Please show examples of hos the tweet address, etc. You just put it out there and if they see it, they see it! Lists are more for following groups of people rather than sending them content. Ladies, why have I never seen this before…asleep with eyes wide open! Thank you, thank you, for all the work you put into this. I learned even more about Twitter, and now know how I can utilize TweetDeck so much better, especially the scheduling feature. Hi Barbara, So glad it helped! It was a real team effort to put this together and I think Sue and I both learnt a few things from each other as well.

Well done for getting through such a long post too! I really enjoyed the anatomy of a tweet portion. Although I have used twitter in the past, it seems to continue to change with every update.

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  5. A simple break down of all of the buttons are always appreciated. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the emoji function is relatively new to twitter. So glad this was helpful for you, Erica!

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    Good question about emojis. But I might be wrong too. Someone else might be able to fill us in! Sometimes when looking at a tweet that I have made, I see that there is a reply, but when I click on the speech bubble or the number next to the speech bubble, it does not open a thread or show a comment, but instead opens a space for me to make a comment.